Open House Porto 2016 suggests an itinerary through Porto, Gaia and Matosinhos, divided in 3 different lines: finding private places of recognised institutions; rediscovering forgotten architectures; revising the inhabit forms, in particular, finding the bourgeois ways of living of the begginig of the 20th century, but also the “social” scene of the democracy decades. This three levels will create an itinerary characterised by the rediscover, recovery and even invention of the architectural heritage of the cities involved.

— Jorge Figueira, Curator - Carlos Machado e Moura, Curator Assistant

Jorge Figueira: Graduated in architecture by Porto University (1992) and with a PhD at Coimbra University (2009). Director and professor of the Architecture Department of FCTUC. Invited lecturer in FAUP Phd Program. Researcher in the Social Studies Center of UC. Author of books as “A Noite em Arquitectura”, 2007 and “A Periferia Perfeita. Pós-modernidade na arquitectura portuguesa Anos 1960-1980”, 2014. Cooperates with the newspaper Público in the architectural critics area and has several published papers in architecture expertise publications around the world.

Carlos Machado e Moura: Graduated in architecture by Porto University (2006), is developing his PhD thesis, in the same institution, about graphic narrative and comics in architecture. Made part of several research teams in european projects about urban issues and he is co-author of a pre-school and primary school design in Montepulciano (Italy). Currently he’s an element of the editorial team of JA - Jornal Arquitectos and has various published papers in books and publications.

The Event

In this 2nd edition of Open House Porto fifty one spaces will have their doors open in the weekend of 18th and 19th of June of 2016.

The selection of spaces, made by the curator Jorge Figueira and the curator assistant Carlos Machado e Moura, aims to build Open House Porto as a big festival of Porto, Gaia and Matosinhos’ architecture. The itinerary is made by a group of spaces that emphasize the excellence of the architectural heritage of the three cities that together form the “Frente Atlântica do Porto”. The itinerary puts together private places of recognised institutions, forgotten architectures and the revisitation of the burgeois house of the beggining of the 20th century and the social dwelling arised after the revolution of 25th April of 1974.

The visitors will have acess to a wide program of visits, wich will give them the opportunity to see and to know spaces that not always acessible.

Open House Porto is a co-production of Casa da Arquitectura and Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa in a strategic partnership with Câmara Municipal do Porto and the cooperation of the Municipalities of Gaia and Matosinhos.

How the Visits Work

During the weekend of 18th and 19th of June all people is invited to enter and to know, free of charge, diferente spaces in their typology and construction time. Each participant is able to create his own itinerary, exploring the architecture and the city through a new look.

Types of Visit

  1. Open Visit — visit the space without being accompanied, within the opening hours;

  2. Accompanied Visit — visit the space with the commentary of our Open House Porto team of volunteers;

  3. Tour — visit the space accompanied by the authors of the Project or by an invited specialist.

Ways of Accessing the Visits


  2. Only the spaces number 1, 33, 41 e 43 require (total ou parcially) a PRE-BOOKING/RESERVATION for their visits.

To do your reservation, you must enter the menu “Spaces”, select the chosen space and look for the field “Eventbrite Reservation”.

Other Information

  1. For this editon we will have parallel actions called “Plus Program”. The spaces with this kind of activities are properly indicated, informing the type and schedule of the activity.

  2. In each space, the team of volunteers will offer a guide and a map of Open House Porto.

  3. There will be available a free Open House Porto bus for the visitors of Vila Nova de Gaia’s spaces.

Architecture will have its doors open: so come in and be a part of this experience!


Jorge Figueira
Comissário Adjunto:
Carlos Machado e Moura
Coordenação Geral:
Carla Barros | CA
Ana Pinto | CA
Gilson Fernandes | CA
Inês Marques | TAL
José Pereira | CA
Coordenação de Comunicação:
Sara Battesti | TAL
Inês Revés | TAL
Raquel Guerreiro | TAL
Assessoria de Imprensa:
Cláudia Duarte | TAL
Jorge Marmelo | CA
Ana Pinto | CA
Carla Barros | CA
Joana Salvado | TAL
Coordenação de Voluntariado:
Susana Gaudêncio
Susana Pomba
Design de Comunicação:
Alfaiataria — Rui Silva
Bit Basement
Van Condensed by Ricardo Santos